“The cash surrender value of any life insurance policy, the
withdrawal value of any optional settlement, annuity contract or
deposit with any life insurance company, all weekly, monthly,
quarterly, semiannual or annual annuities, indemnities or
payments of every kind from any life, accident or health
insurance policy, annuity contract or deposit heretofore or
hereafter issued upon the life of a citizen or resident of the
state of New Mexico . . ..” N.M. Stat. § 42-10-3. “Any resident of
this state who does not own a homestead shall in addition to
other exemptions hold exempt real or personal property in the
amount of two thousand dollars ($2,000) in lieu of the
homestead exemption.” N.M. Stat. § 42-10-10(A).

This state permits only its residents to use its exemptions.  
Therefore, if it is the applicable state (as determined by the
method stated on the home page of this site), its exemptions
may be used only if the debtor is a resident of this state on the
date of filing bankruptcy.