This state permits only its residents to use its exemptions.   
“Every householder shall be entitled, in addition to the
property or estate exempt under §§ 23-38.81, 34-26, 34-27,
34-29, and 64.1-151.3, to hold exempt from creditor process
arising out of a debt, real and personal property, or either, to
be selected by the householder, including money and debts
due the householder not exceeding $5,000 in value.” Va. Code
§ 34-4. ‘"Householder" means any resident of Virginia.’ Va.
Code § 34-1.

Therefore, if it is the applicable state (as determined by the
method stated on the home page of this site), its exemptions
may be used only if the debtor is a resident of this state on the
date of filing bankruptcy.